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Avallaire's Equines by deeohtee
Avallaire's Equines
Quick Introduction to our 6 horses at AeS, we have 2 Mares and 4 Stallions

AeS Rabeanco

Rabster is a 6 year old Holsteiner x BW. He's focused in Showjumping but has some issues with getting too over excited. He's a massive show off and a bit of a joker; he enjoys the attention and will do anything for it. He’s eager to please his rider but very competitive with other horses.

AeS Crooklet

Crook is a 7 year old BW with some experience in Endurance. Crook has never been in the spotlight and much prefers grazing and lazing around in the paddocks than working with the trainers, which is a shame because he has some great stamina and can go for miles when he wants to. He's a gentle soul and quite small for his age/breed but that doesn't stop him from having a protective mentality towards his favourite human Elsie.

AeS Donelly

Nelly is our youngest male at 5 years old. He's a Hanoverian x BW with extensive family ancestry. He's an all rounded, bundle of joy (which he gets from his dam). Nelly admires all the older stallions, he is always following them and copying their every move. He's also Diverse, he can pick up a lot of skills and talents just from watching others. Massive fear of buzzing (insects).

AeS Danjaa

Jaja is probably the favourite of the stable staff, He's a lovable rogue at the prime age of 9 years. He's a Warmblood Cross and is a dab hand at eventing but probably most talented at showjumping. However is completely unpredictable and has an aggressive and feisty temperament. He wouldn't hurt his rider on purpose but he always has to be boss. His best friend is a Donkey called Cotton. 

AeS Ariadne

Nipper is Dot's own jumping Hanoverian, at the tender age of 5, she still needs some training and some TLC. She's a pretty thing but not so little. Nipper is adored by Dot and has become a bit of a pernickety princess - she stands around looking pretty and enjoys sliced up apple and hair braiding. 

AeS Plymbeebe

Plym was a gift to the stable by close friends, she's a 7 year old warmblood mix who is slowly being introduced to eventing and not just dressage. She's an all rounded perfect package. She's a nurturer, very caregiving and has strong mothering instincts as well as being completely bombproof. No loud noises or scary tarpaulin will frighten Plym. However, Plym is the louder and most vocal horse at the stable.

All horses and art (c) Myself
The Barragan Girls by deeohtee
The Barragan Girls
Meet the 3 Barragan Girls, each of them needed a new reference ( 3 years on )
Clara and Kendall are sisters, and Elsie, Ken's daughter.

Clarice Irene Barragan

Nickname: Clara
Meaning of name: 'bright'
Origin of name: France
Age: 28
Nationality: English
Birth date: 13th July 1987
Occupation: A dressage rider at AeS

Birth order: 1)Kendall 2)Amelia 3)Clara

Mother: Viola Harriet Graber
Father: Jeffrey Richard Barragan
Hometown: Paddington, London

Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: Her sister Amelia died just before Clara was born

Height: 5'9
Weight: 65 kg
Build: Slim
Skin: Caucasion 
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Big and blue
Face shape: Oval

Tattoos/Scars: Star tattoo on wrist 
Left/Right handed: Right 

Kendall Jessica Barragan

Nickname: Ken
Age: 36
Nationality: English
Birth date: 16th February 1979
Occupation : Endurance Rider at AeS

Father: Jeffrey Richard Barragan
Mother: Viola Harriet Graber
Family: Clara Baragan (younger sister)
Elsie Barragan (daughter)

Height: 5'9
Weight: 67 kg
Build: Strong
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Green/Grey

Tattoos/Scars: Star on wrist
Left/Right Handed: Right

 Elizabeth Matilda Barragan

Nickname: Elsie 
Age: 15
Nationality: English
Birthdate: 4th November 1999
Occupation: Stable Hand 

Father: Robert Daniel Harris
Mother: Kendall Jessica Barragan
Family: Clara Baragan (aunt)

Height: 5'5
Weight: 50 kg
Build: Slim
Skin: Caucasian 
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Green/Grey

Tattoos/Scars: -
Left/Right Handed: Right

Characters and Art (c) Myself
Plym's babies by deeohtee
Plym's babies
No better way to start AeS than by introducing two new babies by Plymbeeble and Rabeanco. They're twins, and very unrealistic... sorry.

The Silver Buckskin foal was auctioned to an overseas stable who will take great care of him.

The bay roan on the other hand will become the new venter who'll have his dad's strength while also being bombproof like his mother.

Name: AeS Ignatious
Breed: British WB x Holsteiner
Gender: Male
Personality: playful and mad

art (c) Myself
Avallaire Awards by deeohtee
Avallaire Awards
So i've been inactive for about 2/3 years, 
these are as many awards and ribbons I could recover from all the way back then!

We're a little lop-sided but that's okay! Lots of room for more!

Sep 2012 - 15th(/48) AeS Danjaa in Pudingi's HaRPG Olympics
Sep 2012 - 9th(/15) AeS Call the Birds in decors Decor Showjumping Show
Aug 2012 - 2nd AeS Keanu in HARPG-Pony-Directory's Pony Show Halter
Dec 2011 - 1st AeS Fancy and Donelly in BaliroAdmin's Christmas Halter Show
Dec 2011 - 1st AeS Classique in saregona's Soverign Hills Show Show jumping
Dec 2011 - 2nd AeS Classique in saregona's Soverign Hills Show 3DE
Dec 2011 - 18th(/25) AeS Classique in Boooberry's VN SLO Show jumping
Oct 2011 - 1st AeS Fiore de Reo in femalefred's Bonanza Young Handler
Oct 2011 - 1st AeS Apache in femalefred's Bonanza Bottom Hole Jumping
Oct 2011 - 3rd AeS Breakin' Dishes in femalefred's Bonanza young horse inhand
Oct 2011 - 3rd AeS Classique in femalefred's Bonanza Trail Class
Sep 2011 - 3rd AeS Classique, AeS Call the Birds and AeS Slap in the Face inalvija's Team Show Jumping 
Sep 2011 - 7th AeS Classique inalvija's Grand Festival Opening
Sep 2011 - 2nd AeS Khalamique in HorseChica194's Summer Blast Show
Apr 2011 - 1st AeS Call the Birds in cobweb-farms's From The Ashes Fundraiser
Apr 2011 - 2nd AeS London Marathon in devcobweb-farms:'s From The Ashes Fundraiser
Feb 2011 - AeS Donnie in Hazel-rah's Draghunt
Nov 2010 - 8th AeS Classique in DaneStables's ESH Show

Ribbons (c) respectable owners
References (c) Google images
OCs (c) Me


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United Kingdom

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